Breeze Upholstered Bed (self welt)

Code Number: 12504 / 12804
Resolutely urban

Sizes Available:
Full Size Bed (54″)
Queen Size Bed (60″)
King Size Bed (78″)

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The ultra-clean design and simple beauty of this bed reels you in hook, line, and sinker. Right down to the very last detail—the self welt lining the top of the headboard. The timeless look of this bed invites you to let the minutes go by…but for you, time is standing still.

Two-position adjustable headboard (3″ between the positions)
Metal legs only available in black
Systems Available:
12504: Adjustable mattress support
12504-VB: Adjustable boxspring support
12804: Mattress support with storage drawer
12804-VB: Boxspring support with storage drawer
In option: Bunky board 85500 available in Double, Queen and King sizes



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